More about Kessu


(Kingsway Sergeant x Kingsway Cracker)

ER46375/13 CERF neg.
* 4.8.2011 LOA clear, SCA clear, PLL carrier
tricolor, broken coated PL: 0/0
height 35 cm badger/racoon dog/fox hunting

Kessu, was born in the Belgian kennel focused on excellent working terriers.  He is regularly used to work on natural burrows (foxes, badgers, raccoon dogs) in Finland. I had the opportunity to spend 4 days with this amazing dog and see him at work as well. I convinced myself that he is very good hunting dog, very hard and courageous under the ground. At home, he is lovely pet, good relationship to people, children and other dogs from the owners pack. He has interesting and unique pedigree that has no precedent in the context of FCI in combination with Jasmina it leads excellent working lines Fox Run and Kingsway. It is one of the few working dogs accepted by FCI, that we are willing to use in breeding without compromises!

Kessu is a dog of middle frame, strong bones, excellent top and under line, strong head and flexible chest that is very important at working terries for good movement under the earth and should be typical sign of this breed. The same as Jasmina, he is DNA tested on all three genetic diseases (eye lens luxation, late-onset ataxia and spinocerebellar ataxia).

Short video here | Thank you for all Kessu pictures to his owner – Kaisa Suutari.

We expect tricolor, all types coated puppies in upcoming litter in combination with Jasmina. Hopefully puppies could inherit from their ancestors not only good working exterior but also a great temperament and good health.