More about Max


(Rushill Clyde x Rushill Nellie)

 PRT/2050 Reg. BAER test normal
 * 18.5.2007 CERF: HC/PLL/PRA clear
 tricolor, broken coated PLL DNA Test CLEAR
 complete scissor bite PL: 0/0
 height: 31,5 Exc., CACA, Res. CACA
AP, JER, Sh, Bep, NF, ND, sl


Max is very nice type of this breed. He comes from English working lines (Rushill) that would be a great combination with working ancestors of Jasmina (Fox Run). No wonder that he has a lot of hunting drive and is used regurally in hunting. He is great oon fox and wild boar. He goes very far distances in order to search quarry. On land he has a very good nose. He is very compatible with everything and everyone proofing that even terrier with excellent harpness and harness predators can be such great family companion. He loves everybody he meet and appreciates it a lot being hugged and pette. He is very social with other dogs.

His big advantage is sensational nature and hunting drive. However he is very interesting as per exterior. Max is small and compatible dog with spannable chest, very nice head, good pigment and excellent broken coat.  Meanwhile with all required health checks with good results.

I had the opportunity to stay with Max for a few days within this year. It was always perfect time with him and his owners.  I convinced myself on the first hand that he is really very huge playfull pet, very frienly to people and dogs, excellent during the hunting and earthwork. Max is real asset not only for his owners but I beleive that such dog is the same asset for Czech breed. I am very happy to use such excellent dog particularly in combination with Jasmina.

Max judged by Geoff Burnhill (UK) – video here.  |   Many thanks for Max pictures to his owner Karin Mutzbauer.

We expect tricolor, broken and rough coated puppies in upcoming litter in combination with Jasmina. Hopefully puppies could inherit from their ancestors not only good working exterior but also a great temperament and good health. The puppies will be PLL clear by parentage!