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Breeder: Leona Urbanova, PALEUR

CLP/PRT/REG/1652/13BAER test normal
DOB 23.11.2009DOV PRA, C, LL neg.
tricolor, rough coatedDNA Tests: PLL/LOA/SCA -/-
complete scissor bitePL: 0/0
height 34 cmFox Hunting Exam, NW: Nz, Wz, Uz
CH CZ, CH SK, JCH CZL-litter, M-litter


Jasmina is my second parson that I would not cosider about if there were not beautifull stud dog Little Trouble Frazzle and Paleur kennel. His black and white color in combination with working type of parson russell did their own. Simply he was unique. I started to dream about my sweet Frazzelina with black and white head, similar to her father in proportions, someday… It become sooner then expected. Alenka z Velfiku was mated by Frazzle. Jasmina was born 2 hours after puppiesborn seemed like finished. Thus came my destiny girl with spotted backside instead of head. Playfull puppy that extended our pack in early 2010.  Cute white glomerule at first sight, a small piranha, a bag of fleas and uncontrolled temperament in real.

Jasmina grown to nice female and we were lucky with health checks so far. For personality she is a typical PRT, she likes when something happens, always happy and has strong hunting drive. She is selfure and friendly (sometimes too much), likes to work together with me and learns very fast (f.e. tricks), very good motivated. She was very good during our agility trainings. We have some experience with obedience or dogtrek. Jasmina has a coursing licence done and won many coursing races. We have experience with hunting training as she has a strong hunting drive. Nowdays, our main activity and passion is nosework. Simply she likes doing any activity.

To see Jasmina during wild boar training at Slovakia, just click HERE.

We bred first litter on Jasmina at 2013. In early 2015 our dreams came true and we got amazing 8 puppies M-litter.

Jasmína Paleur – pedigree
Ch. Little Trouble FrazzleFox Run ChilliCh. Beano of RavenswoodBeacon Sam
Queslett Blaze
Fox Run Second ChanceFoxfield Flex
Heliwar Chance
Fox Run MajesticFox Run Mad MaxCh. Oakley Sailor
Windermere Sizzle
Crossruff FussFox Run Dagger
Tortilla Flat Furry
JCh. Alenka z VelfíkuEden Bos von der GrenzsägmühleBarsetta EdwardDigmoor Taffy From Barsetta
Barsetta Smitten
Ashley von der GrenzsägühleDanny vom Buchwald
Curly vom Roten Johanniter
Finta Fň PaleurArthur by WindrushVlietstede Dinky
Rednok Queenie
ICh. Gulain´s Gigi-LouGulabin´s Make the Mark
Gulabin´s Raisa

6 generation pedigree with ancestors photos can be found here in CZ and SK parsons database.