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Idea Paleur


Breeder: Leona Urbanová, chs PALEUR

CLP/PRT/REG/1454BAER test normal
* 18.5.2009DOV PRA, C, LL neg.
tricolor, broken coatedPLL DNA Test CLEAR
complete scissor bitePL: 0/0
height 34,5 cmCh CZ, Ch SK, waiting for GrandCh


Igi is a wished dog and big dream that came true. When looking for an active partner, not small and not large, friendly, energetic and cheerful, we coincidentally had the experience with taking care about parson Hermes Paleur. I loved this breed and tried to find out his characteristics and all needs. Upstanding and long choosing the right kennel followed. Paleur won this choosing for me. After a few visits, it was clear that my future puppy´s mom should be “Gigi” (Gulabin´s Gigi-Lou). Moreover, this was her last litter, so it was fully decided. As a beginner I appreciated Igi´s  calmer temperament and plenty of valuable advice from the breeder.

Igi grown to pretty smart girl. We tried out a number of activities. In agility Igi has always been the perfect teammate, there is a lot of fun during clicker training and recreational dogtrek and coursing – Igi was always presented as an excellent racer. And it was Igi, who taught me that we can even enjoy the dogshows together. Thanks to her, I fell in love with any work with the dog. Igi is the dog lady, very similar to her mother. No problem with motivation, she loves tricks and bringing balls and fatching water. Everything seemed to indicate that Igi will succeed her mom Gigi in breeding plans.

Unfortunatelly in the autumn 2011 Igi had an accident during one of our walks. Her both behind legs had to be operated for several hours and then she had to be in resting state for several next weeks. Now, Igi is running smoothly and happily again. Although we had various hopes and plans, the fate is changing our life. More important than all show titles and bred puppies is the fact that Igi was second born, she is without problems now. Let’s see what we can expect in the future. Igi is our dog lady, faithful henchman, a huge pet.

Idea Paleur – pedigree
Ch. Fox Meadow´s BeetlejuiceOutlaw LadykillerVlietstede RebbelBedlinog Flynn
Vlietstede Dinky
Kingsway KessyKestrel of Kingsway
Sue of Kingsway
Fox Meadow´s Adorable WitchCh. William Wallace of the Crafty ClanZorro
Vliettede Hipo´s Hippy
Grand Ch. The Roadrunners Queen SiouxsieGulabin´s Private Pilot
Gulabin´s Melly
Gulabin´s Gigi-LouGulabin´s Make the MarkHoelio PrinceHeliwar Glen
Heliwar Cody
Gulabin´s ZaraSomerwest Spider
Westbeck Sorrell
Gulabin´s RaisaSomerwest SpiderHowlbeck Piper
Somervale Katey
Ridley FirelightRedwood Tackles Ridley
Clystlands Belinda

6 generations pedigree including photos of ancestors can bee seen in CZ and SK PRT database here.