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Several month without any updates but all are alive ;-). We are preparing several changes on our websites as well as in our home. You can find actual information on our FB site or Paleur kennel FB site. We currently have hot news regarding Jasmina. She participated Fox Working Exams, full pointed and very good time. She did excellent work and am very proud of her. We would like to try fox working in Slovak Republic where the contact with fox is permitted. Jasmina and her father Frazzle were eye-tested (CERF) and both are clear! We traveled a lot during spring and summer. We met many kind people and beatuifull dogs. It was very nice to meet stud dog that we are planning to mate Jasmina with. We spent several beatifull days in Germany, directly in the vineyard – amazing. Then we had great possibility to spend several days in CWN ANNWFN kennel. Very exciting trip, such kind people and beautifull working dogs. Thanks for the possibility to see digging badgers in real life. Very exciting and well-done! Then one possibility to see bolting in the Czech Republic. Several visits our dog family in Paleur kennel that had K-litter (Inspirace Paleur x Rushill Morgan). All puppies are now in their new homes, hope all are happy. Actually puppies in Life Victory kennel, 1 sweet boy for sale. I am visiting the every week, they are so cute. With a little luck we will have own puppies. We are planning L-litter Paleur, mother should be Jasmina who is now preparing for heating in Paleur kennel. She is usually is in heat during September/October so we will see.

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